Music Room

Imagine if every child had music in their life …

No really imagine! How wonderful would this be ? Help us to “pay music forward!”

Lah-Lah's Music Room

What is Lah-Lah’s Music Room?
Lah-Lah’s Music Room is a downloadable/streamable interactive online video series of early childhood music lessons for children aged 2-7 and their families. Each of the nine lessons in a unit, presented by Lah-Lah and Buzz runs for approximately eleven minutes.

Each video lesson has been carefully written to include early childhood musical concepts of fast & slow (tempo), high & low (pitch), stop & go (notes and rests) loud & soft (dynamics). Delivered through song, story and focussed listening exercises, the lessons are routine-based with new songs being added every 2nd or 3rd lesson. Lessons include:

  • Routine songs
  • Fast and slow drumming activities
  • Introduction of a new musical sound – focused listening
  • New instrument introductions – what it’s made of? how does it make sound? what are the parts for? which instrument family does it belong to?
  • Musical games – listening and guessing
  • Poems and Nursery rhymes

AND there will be fully downloadable lesson plans, notes for parents, pictures of all the instruments we meet, and fun bits and pieces from Lah-Lah and Buzz!

Most importantly, children are learning about music and musical instruments with fun and with the loveable Lah-Lah & Buzz (plus Lola the Dancing Double Bass, of course)!